10 Unwritten Rules for Church Social Media

You’ll run into someone breaking an unwritten rule for social media every single day.

In fact, I’m sure I break some of them on The Seminary of Hard Knocks Instagram account pretty frequently! But you should still follow me there. It’s great.

However, some don’t know they’re breaking them, like parents who don’t know it’s ok to like or share their kids’ posts, but not to comment on them (a Psychologist friend told me that one and said age doesn’t matter).

Others are obsessed with taking selfies in bathrooms (what a weird trend) or photos of their food. Although, we kind of let some of them slide if we know the ones breaking these ghostly offenses.

What about the unwritten rules for church social media? Have you discovered the rulebook for online responsibility yet? Here are just 10 unwritten rules for church social media I could think of. Post yours in the comments.

The 10 Unwritten Rules of Church Social Media


1. Don’t like your own posts.

It makes you look super lame.


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2. Don’t get political.

You’re not going to sway anyone. You’ll just make them mad.

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3. Stay positive.

Because nobody likes to be around a person or organization spewing negativity. Keep it light when possible.

4. Like and share as much of your people’s stuff as you can, but be careful commenting.

Commenting can get weird because it’s not you, it’s the CHURCH asking what kind of drink that is in the photo of you and your friends in Cozumel. It might embarrass them.

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5. Don’t spam your wall.

Put some time and space between posts or you’ll overwhelm and annoy people. Your trip looks great, but can we get back to the memes, please?

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6. Abide by the 80/20 rule.

Entertain/inform 80% of the time, sell to them (sign up, come to this event, etc) 20% of the time. No one cares about events on social media. They’re not there for that.

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7. No Automated Responses

It’s very inauthentic and followers see straight through it. Automated “thanks for following us” responses communicate that you’re not very personal and your followers are just numbers.

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8. You need permission to post photos of children.

Foster kids might be in your church, so make sure you post signage that alerts parents that they might be photographed/filmed or get specific permission on signed documents. Otherwise, consider this permission denied.

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9. Silence is loud.

Silence or nonexistence in the social media realm communicates that you’re out of touch or don’t care as a church. Pastors also individually need at least ONE platform they are somewhat active on or at least accessible through.

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10. Spelling and grammar are super important!

Thier, there, they’re. You’re people will only notice EVERY SINGLE ONE of you’re mistakes. Grammarly is FREE guys. It’s on my Resources page. Go get it.

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What are the unwritten rules you think I missed? Let me know in the comments. Meanwhile, check out The Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast for more church communications tips!

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  • John Miller

    Good rules, man!

    • Seth Muse

      Thanks, John! Anything to add?

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