Easily Launch Your Church Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are the best way to connect with your people who are already on the platform every day; and many churches don’t even have one!

Download this kit and let me guide you through the setup process, train your moderators or volunteers, and launch your group successfully.

What you get

What you get

Setup Checklist

Everything you need to get your group set up and ready for launch. Includes a step-by-step walkthrough video.

PDF & Editable Resources
Excel Checklist
Video: Guided Walkthrough
Purpose & Goals Worksheet

Moderator Training

Resources and Videos that will train Moderators on how to handle posting, interacting, and negativity.

Video: Group Features
Video: Running the Group
Video: Hostility Guide
Cheatsheets for Videos

5-Week Promo Plan

A plan to create excitement and answer objections about your group. Take the sample copy and make it your own!

Plan Schedule
Email Swipe Copy (2x)
Stage Announcement Scripts (2x)

Content Ideas

A sample content schedule for ideas plus a list of recurring post ideas that you can use over and over again!

Sample Content Schedule
Sample Content Ideas List
Sample Recurring Post Ideas List

Nona Jones

Your page is your front porch, FB groups is your living room. They can come in and sit and ask questions, and experience your content together.

Katie Allred

Even before COVID, loneliness was on the rise. Over 60% of Americans reported feeling lonely. The church is uniquely poised to provide online community. Facebook groups are a good tool for creating that opportunity.

Mark Zuckerberg

In the ideal, Facebook would be an online community that kind of looks something like, let’s say a Saddleback Church does.

Brady Shearer

What makes Facebook groups so powerful is that Facebook treats groups a lot more similar to a friend or a family member [in the feed].

This is a proven method for launching groups I’ve repeated over 30 times.

As a Communication Director, I launched over 30 different Facebook Groups for my church. It is more manageable than you probably think and definitely beneficial to your online ministry!

Need great content ideas?

One of the first objections to starting a Facebook group is that churches don’t feel they have enough content ideas to keep it up.

In addition to the ideas already included in the Facebook Group Launch Kit, download this free resource below and see how easy it is to come up with a solid content plan full of engaging ideas every week.

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