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The Seminary of Hard Knocks


We will help you keep up with current communication trends and tools while having a good laugh along the way. It’s the perfect mixture of fun and functional church communications!

Hosted by Seth Muse and Meagan Ranson, this podcast is for church communication professionals and church leaders who want to make connecting people with Jesus as easy as possible.

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Church Communications Articles

Recognizing Bias in Online News Media

Recognizing Bias in Online News Media

Recognizing bias in online news media today requires a lot of patience and diligence. It’s a responsibility we cannot continue taking lightly. This is what I’m learning about recognizing bias in the news.

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Don’t Go Back to Church

Don’t Go Back to Church

Don’t go back to church! Before you decide to open up your building, make sure you are thinking clearly about the culture shift that has taken place and have a plan for it.

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