Invest in your church

by investing in yourself

Making sense of this communications culture shift is complicated. Let me help you find common ground with your community and build a strategy to reach them that really works for you.


How can I help you?

Reach More People

Find common ground with your audience where they will enjoy hearing from you.

Social Media

Grow your following without a big budget and use social media to it’s potential.


Learn to work with different types of teams and get things done that matter.

Public Relations

Learn to answer trolls with pastoral grace and deal with the media.


Create a communications strategy where everything works together.


Create an email or texting strategy that your people will love to receive.


Coaching is for you if…

…you never seem to have time to get it all done and feel like you’re drowning.

…you are new to your communications role and are struggling to get started.

…you are struggling to decide what should be promoted where.

…you are dealing with a difficult boss or toxic work environment.

…you want to become more effective as a leader or as a communicator

…you are going through a job transition and need help with your personal brand



$2200/year (1 month free)

Get two coaching calls a month for a year with one month free! Also gain unlimited texting access to reach me any time.


$100/hr (6 session minimum)

Talk through any communication project, transition, or event you are working on in 6 sessions that are one hour each.

By the Hour


Book a one hour call with me as-needed. We will meet via video to talk through whatever project you’re working on.


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I'm not around right now, but you can send me an email and I'll get back to you, asap.

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