A few weeks ago, I told you about a few copywriting hacks that would enhance the power of your message. In one of my hacks, I made a quick reference to a framework for writing better blurbs and then moved on. Like a thief in the night, I gave you a goldmine of information and didn’t expound upon it at all.

A few readers asked me to flesh that out a little more, so, here we go. I’m going to tell you how to write better blurbs in 3 sentences every time that will make what you’re communicating clear, compelling, and simple. Here it is:

Their Problem

Your Solution

Call to Action

Let’s pick on Men’s ministry events today to illustrate how to use this simple copywriting method.

Their Problem

Remember that the problem you want to address is theirs, not yours. Your problem is getting men to attend the Bible study, but that’s not their problem.

When you get ready to launch your men’s Bible study that meets at 6:30am on Saturdays (great choice, guys), it’s important that you start with your audience. Who are they? In this case, I’m assuming they are men. Also, due to the fact that you’re trying to meet so early in the morning on a weekend, it’s probably older men.

Now you have to ask yourself, “What pain point are they struggling with most?” It could be that they want friendship and community in a Bible study or maybe they feel like they need to stay sharp in the Word because they teach. I’m going to pretend to know this imaginary crowd and say that the major thing they want is to spiritually lead their families well. But there’s more.

What drives that need? Go deeper. Probably something along the lines of wondering if they have what it takes to actually lead their family. Thanks to our culture, they probably feel like they are stupid and clumsy, and have a lot of reservation with the Bible because they honestly don’t know much. There’s a lot of self-doubt there.

So, in the interest of illustration, let’s try to use that in the blurb.

Your Solution

Since we’ve gone past the exterior pain point of “I just want to know the Bible more,” and gotten to the internal struggle of self-doubt, your solution can’t just be “learn/grow more at Bible study.” Sure, that’s what they’ll do if they come, but that’s not why they’ll come. Your solution has to speak to that pain point.

Let’s say your solution of “come to men’s Bible study” transforms into the idea of confidence or boldness in leading your family because of what you’ll learn by attending.

Call to Action

Now, even though I know it will go against every false humility line you’ve been taught to regurgitate, we have to ask them to do something. What is that call to action? What do you want them to do?

You’re probably thinking “Come to Men’s Bible study.” But they already know that’s what you want to do. That honestly feels a little more like “Hi, I’m Seth. Want to be best friends?” Too much, buddy. Take it down a notch.

You want to make the call to action something simple but also something likely. Sometimes, we ask them to email someone, but then they have to find the email and copy/paste it to their email in a new window, and….too hard. If you’re writing for a social post or a website, this is where you have a button that automatically opens up a web form that will email the leader of the group. You may even set up a system that they can enter their email address and someone contacts them. Just make it likely.

Hold up, we’re not done with this call to action. Make sure that the call to action is super clear, on a big ol’ button, and that the button says something action-oriented.

              Click here. ←—-NO.

That’s boring. What the button actually says may stem from your copy. So, let’s write this baby up for a web blurb, and yes, of course, I’m going to be ridiculous.

Men’s Bible Study Blurb

The only time a man can truly be brave is when he is afraid. A few brave men meet every Saturday to explore what it means to be a man of God in our homes and our workplaces by looking through the Bible. Click the button to join this brotherhood of faith that will always have your back!

        Button: Punch Fear in the Face

I might have borrowed the button copy from Jon Acuff and that’s probably the wrong copy for the older man demographic, but hey, we’re just being hypothetical here, right? Tell me you wouldn’t click that button, though…

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So, that’s the basic structure. We’ve just written a very manly blurb for men’s bible study that has a clear message that any medieval Scotsman with a scar across his eye and a sword on his belt will love!  

Why will they love it? Because I didn’t say “Hey, we’re awesome and we’re doing awesome stuff so come join us and you’ll be awesome too.” I kept it focused on the person reading it. The only time I had it focused on the church was to convey relevant information like “click the button” but then immediately went back to what you get if you do.

When you’re writing copy, it’s really easy to just write about what you need from them. But what really connects is when you start telling them what you are going to do for them.

Let Me Help

Let’s do this…If you have something you’re writing an ad for or a blurb, put it in the comments below and I’ll help you work out the copy. I’ll do that for the first 5 people that comment and help you get a message out that connects.

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