Facebook Group Launch Kit


Everything you need to create, launch, & maintain a thriving Facebook group for your church!


What you get:

  • Setup Guide Video + Checklist & Goal Plan
  • Moderator Training Videos + Best Practices
  • Content Samples & Schedule Template
  • Promotion Plan + Swipe Copy for 2 Emails & Announcements
  • Hostility Guide for handling difficult comments or members


As Facebook reduces the exposure of organic content on its Pages, churches need to find an alternative to connect with their people on the platform. Groups are the best solution for creating a sense of community on Facebook, yet many churches have not launched a group.

Whether you don’t know how, don’t have the staffing, or just don’t know how you would run it, this launch kit includes everything you need to set the group up, promote it, train a team to help you run it, and keep it thriving! Download the kit to get started.

Here’s everything the Facebook Group Launch Kit Includes:


  • Guided Setup Video (I show you step by step how to set up the group)
  • Setup Checklist from start to launch
  • Purpose & Goals Worksheet
  • Moderator Group Features Training Video + Cheat Sheet (how to run the group)
  • Moderator Best Practices Video + Cheat Sheet (daily tasks)
  • Moderator Hostility Guide Video + Cheat Sheet
  • Content Ideas for multiple types of groups
  • Content Posting Schedule Template
  • 5-Week Promotion Plan
  • Email Swipe Copy (2x)
  • Announcement Swipe Copy (2x)
  • Contest Idea Resources (incentives to join the group)

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