Worship 101: Excellence vs. Discipleship

Maybe my experience is limited, but I don’t see a lot of worship leaders participating in discipleship. I do see them participating in a never-ending pursuit of excellence, though. Whoa whoa whoa [...]


Worship 101: Song Keys

Choosing worship song keys for a service is one of the toughest jobs a worship pastor has. Men and women alike can struggle when a worship leader chooses keys that are either too high or too low [...]


Worship 101: Planning a Worship Service

Whether you’re a minimalist or a full-blown production, planning a worship service flow is a big part of the pastor and worship pastor’s weekly routine. Choosing songs and visuals to go with [...]


Worship 101: The Worship Team

Happy New Year! I truly believe that 2017 is going to be a great year. The Seminary of Hard Knocks podcast is still going strong and I have plans to expand my coaching services this year too! Now [...]

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