I’d never heard the term “fractional leader” before.

As I sat across the table from my good friend Paul, we were talking about what we hear church communication directors struggle with the most. From project management to content ideas for social media to being seen as a valuable part of their church’s ministry, we felt like there was something we could create to help churches communicate.

The concept we came up with is called Church Comm Team. It’s a service for churches who know they need to improve their communications but don’t have the manpower or budget to hire quality directors and graphic designers.

For less than the cost of a part-time employee or intern, a Fractional Communications Leader provides direction, strategy, and leadership to the church’s communications department and a team of professionals to help make it happen! 

What does a Fractional Communications Leader do?

I supposed the TL;DR version is this:

  • Create systems for getting work done using task-management and request forms so collaborating with all departments in the church is easy
  • Create a workflow that makes sense that limits distraction with less time “putting out fires” and more time working on things that are important to you
  • Make sure all the stuff you need made gets made in time and looks awesome. That includes web, design, sermon series art, social media, and copywriting/email. 

I know I didn’t do it justice, so take a look at the more detailed version of what we can do for you here:

Who would want a Fractional Communications Leader?

I suppose anyone would probably appreciate a little help, but more specifically, churches who fall into one of these categories are the ones we can probably help the most:

  1. You have no dedicated communications director and everyone pitches in to get everything done. But you’re all exhausted and would happily hand most of the communications responsibilities off. Let us focus on communications so you can go back to focusing on the reason you were hired!
  2. You’re a communication director and don’t have the budget to hire the help you need. We both know that the baseline communications needs of even a 100-member church is a full-time job if done correctly. So you have to let things slide and you’re tired of it. We can come in with a team of pros to support your department for less than the cost of a full-time (or even a part-time) employee.

Go to churchcommteam.com and look around. We know we can help you communicate and we know why it’s important. Paul and I are both former pastors, so we know what’s at stake. 

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