Video is the new black.

We’re all going to need to figure out what types of video we should be making. Don’t say sermon clips; we’ve been doing that for years now. I’m asking “what are you going to upload to YouTube?”

What would you post on social media if you didn’t have a service each week? Brady Shearer has been asking communicators that question recently and I have been brainstorming an answer. Probably Star Wars memes. Spiritual stuff too, but a lot of Star Wars memes.

We know video should be a focus and YouTube is the platform. So if you’re going to jump into video and start a YouTube channel, I’m going to jump right to the good stuff and throw out a bunch of ideas for content that you could make at your church to launch a fun, helpful, and meaningful YouTube channel.

…and I’ll just use the number 5 for everything that needs a number.

12 Ideas for YouTube Video Content

  • How to Study the Bible
  • How to Join a Home Group/Small Group
  • How to Start a Thriving Prayer Life
  • 5 Ways to Monitor Technology in Your Home
  • 5 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Spouse
  • I’m New videos: How we dress, where the bathroom is, how to check in your kids, where to park if you’re a visitor
  • Meet our pastor, worship leader, and any other staff members you might see when you visit
  • 5 best parks in Your Town
  • 5 best places to eat after church with kids
  • How to lead your family in Bible Study
  • Video game review by your Kids/Youth pastors
  • Movie/Music Reviews

What Else?

Throw your ideas for YouTube Content in the comments and let us know what you’ve seen on YouTube that might translate to the church world. We want to bring value to our followers each day, not just Sundays, so throw in!

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