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Over the past month, I’ve been collecting apps to help with Instagram on my phone. I started a folder called “Content Creation” full of new apps, old apps, free apps, apps and zerts, and paid apps. I even tried to put a few mozzarella sticks in the folder. Verizon is sending me a new phone…

I’ve blogged on apps and tools before, but these are kind of my “Instagram Content Creation Apps.” I wanted to pass this list of 6 apps on that will help you rock Instagram for your church!

FilmiC Pro

This video app is an HD production studio in your pocket. With the ability to shoot in 4k mode and just about everything else underneath, you’d think more people would know about it. It does cost $14.99, but it’s honestly worth it to those serious about making high-quality video with their phone.

The app can split out audio and video to external devices, has a stabilization feature to smooth out the handheld jumpies, and stores video in the cloud until you download it, so it’s easy on the hard drive. Not to mention it comes with tons of frame rates, resolutions, filters, and adjustments.

The only downside is that when you shoot 16:9, it downloads 9:16 for some reason, so you have to rotate the video. Hopefully, they’ll work that bug out soon, but otherwise, it’s a monster of a film app!


I love Canva as an online design tool. Super easy, simple to make templates, and lots of great designs to start with for those of us who need to crank out several images in a short amount of time. So when they came out with a mobile app, I was so happy!

I hated it.

Recently, the Canva mobile app got a TON of much-needed updates and I must say, I’m now a believer. This is a great app for quick image creation on the go and the templates they provide (especially for stories) is so helpful. Oh, btw, it’s still free.



I learned about this app from the social media team at Elevation church during a Facebook Live video in the Church Communications group. IT was one of the first apps to help you insert a 16:9 video into Instagram stories like this:

Now, it’s a beast of a video editor with a few music tracks to choose from and tons of great filters and effects. Take any picture or video and put it on any canvas you want, then export it as a new image or video for social. There’s also a lot more font options and background varieties than Instagram, which can give your stories or wall a unique, branded look.

Listen: Harnessing the Power of Instagram

by The Seminary of Hard Knocks

Tik Tok

You’ve probably heard of this one and are thinking, “Dude, this is its OWN platform.” Well, that’s true.

What’s also true is that many Tik Tok creators are sharing their content over to Instagram because it’s a great content creation tool and getting great traction with it there.

There are some serious concerns with Tik Tok such as security and the mature content that you will quickly see there, so I don’t recommend it as a social platform to direct your people to. However, you can use it as a content creation app like inShot and get some really interesting stuff for your Instagram. Those are my opinions, but you do you.

Giant Square

Ever seen one of those Instagram accounts that make their last 9 photos create one big photo when you open up their wall? That’s what this one does.

You just pic how many squares you want the image to fill, select the image, and hit go. Then Giant Square exports your photo into however many squares you cut it into.

Now you just have to think of a caption for each one, post them in order, and try not to screw it up. Also, whatever you post after this will totally jack up the photo on your wall, but it’s cool to advertise a big event or new series for a day.

Hype Type

If you’ve used apps like Word Swag or Canva, then you’ll grasp Hype Type’s concept really fast.

Basically, this is another app for laying text, stickers, and images over your photos and videos. It opens up like Snapchat with just a camera. You have 3 presets on the free version: Stories, square wall, and 16:9 widescreen. From there, tapping the record button takes a photo, but holding it records video.

Like taking video on your Instagram wall, whatever footage you take, adds up to be part of the same post, so it’s almost like you’re editing a short video.

From there, you can lay over text and stuff with some pretty cool animations that you don’t get in other apps. Only a few animations are available until you purchase though.

The only downside is that there is a HypeType watermark unless you buy the app, which is only $2.99 to get everything including the full list of animations, stickers, and effects. Not a bad deal!

What apps do you like using? List your faves in the comments below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

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