You can almost see it coming by now. The meeting has taken a turn towards how we’re going to “promote” (shudder) an event on social media. Before you can speak up you hear it: Jill, can you push that info out on social the next 7 days?


There’s nothing you can do. You know social isn’t for that. You know “pushing” info out like that is likely to get you flat-out ignored. But this is your boss, and he’s telling you to do something.

Every church communicator has likely been handed a poor decision at some point. Whenever this happens to you, here are a few things you can do and a few things you shouldn’t do.

Try to Understand the Why behind the Decision


Empathy is a skill. Try to understand your boss’s thinking behind the decision. Ask him or her after the meeting to explain. “Tupac, could you help me understand why you want me to push the info out that way?” I’m sure if your tone is kind and your attitude is clear that you want to understand, Tupac won’t bus a cap.

Try to get Into Decision Conversations Earlier


Maybe there are other conversations taking place somewhere before decision-making meetings that you should be part of. Perhaps you simply need to stroll by your boss’s office and strike up a seemingly random (yet totally planned) conversation about social media to start peppering in the facts? Educating your boss and staff HAS to be part of your role, or this is just going to keep happening.

Don’t Undermine Your Boss’s Decision


You’ll end up hanging yourself. And it won’t be pretty.

Don’t Be Toxic


This passive-aggressive move is a quick way to end up in hot water with your boss.  Sharing your displeasure about the decision with others WILL make it back to him. If your problem is with the decision made by your boss, then he or she is the one you need to talk to about it. Because let’s be honest, talking about it with someone else is just your way of searching for one person to tell you that you were right so you can either feel justified in your bad attitude or how you’re going to undermine him later. Don’t do it. Find a more productive avenue.

Try to Sway the Decision Right Then


If you have a good relationship and you’re good at talking to others, maybe addressing a bad idea right when it’s handed to you is the right way to go. Try a question first like “Do you think that is the most effective way to talk about it?” Or you could just skip that part and go right for the jugular with “Knowing what we know about social media, could we try it this way instead? We might get better traction and more people would see it.” You’re there to be the expert, remember? So be the expert.

You’re going to be handed bad decisions, it’s just a reality. So what’s your plan? How are you going to react? If you’ve been handed a bad decision recently, tell me about it in the comments and I’ll try to help you respond.

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