What do I post on social media?

It’s tough to create fresh and exciting ideas for social media every single day, especially if design or ideation aren’t your strengths. 

But your pastor records a sermon every week than can be a content generation goldmine if you know where and how to pan for it. 

If you can get your pastor’s notes ahead of time, this is even easier, but if you can’t, look for these things during the sermon as you watch it or listen and mark the times to pull this content for later in the week.


Scriptures Used

If your pastor uses Scriptures, grab a photo of your people and slap the passage on it. These are easy images to create that put Scripture out onto social media (much more needed than a political opinion) and can remotely disciple your followers. 


Pithy Quotes

Listen for short statements that are really powerfully said to create a quote graphic from. If you have his notes or your pastor uses graphics to illustrate his points, take the sermon’s main points and slap it on a picture of your pastor and boom-shaka-laka: Monday’s post.


Illustrate the Illustrations

When your pastor uses an illustration or tells a story, find a photo on a photo-sharing site or paid site, and use it to give a visual representation to the story to bring it to life. Then use your caption to give context to the photo to further reinforce your pastor’s point. Any way we can bring Scripture or Spiritual truth to life visually on social media it’s going to be a discipleship opportunity for growth.


Convert Lists or Points into a Photo Series

Typically, pastors use a series of points or may drop a list within a point in their sermons. These are really easy to turn into an album post on Instagram or a gif that plays them all for Facebook. Listen for a series of related items in the message that you can extend into helpful content later because most listeners won’t remember the list past lunch. 


Homework or Calls to Action

If your pastor gives homework, your people are DEFINITELY going to need a reminder about it later in the week. Even if there isn’t an official homework assignment, most sermons have a pretty obvious call to action for the week. If it doesn’t, then give it one. What do you think people should do? Besides, if the sermon doesn’t give you something to encourage spiritual growth towards God each week then what was the point?

Every week, you are given loads of content that is fresh and relevant to create social media content out of. We didn’t even get into scanning your website for ideas or polling your social media audience. 

If you want a bunch of ideas for free, get my free resource below where I wrote down 88 different ideas for you to use in your brainstorming sessions for social.

What ideas do you have?

Seth has been in ministry for over 20 years, recently serving as Communications Director at a thriving church in North Dallas. He is also the host of The Seminary of Hard Knocks podcast, blogs at sethmuse.com, and has his Masters of Arts in Media and Communications from Dallas Theological Seminary. Seth specializes in helping church communicators use social media and content marketing to find common ground with their audience to empower them for spiritual growth.

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