There’s No “Ta-da!” in Team

In the game of poker, there are no teams. You hold your cards close to your chest, careful not to reveal anything about your hand. Then the final moment comes and you slap them on the table in [...]


Get Down to Business with Instagram

Like a leisure suit from the 70’s, I use Instagram for leisure, but I also use it to get down to business. A common question many churches ask about Instagram is whether or not they should switch [...]


When Your Pastor Thinks Social is Dumb

Personally, one of the hardest things for me to deal with is being deflated like a balloon. Like, when you were a kid and you worked on that one level of Super Mario for like, days, and finally [...]


No More Tiers: A New Way to Promote

Promoting events in your church can bring you to tiers. Everyone wants the prime real estate, whether it’s the video announcements, posters, live announcements, social posts, get me in the [...]

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