Leveraging YouTube to Reach Your Community w/ Alejandro Reyes

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4 Church Communication Trends I Hope Die Real Soon

Ok, let’s have some fun. I love talking about what you should do better when it comes to church communications, but this week is all about a few church communication trends I hope die real soon. [...]


8 Awesome Uses for a Staff Facebook Group

Since launching our staff Facebook group a few months ago, I’ve since slapped myself on the forehead enough to leave a permanent mark. When you see me next, check. It’s there. It’s the only [...]

Becoming a Better Storyteller w/ Robert Carnes

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How Your Favorite Churches Collect Stories

Storytelling is powerful. Every church communicator wants to be a better storyteller on social media, in video format, or in the written form and many of us are pretty good at it! If we just had [...]