Writing a Church Email That Gets Opened [Checklist]

The other day I received a church email that I didn’t read.

In fact, I received two and proceeded to quickly file thirteen them both for separate reasons. It was an easy swipe and tap. Took about 1.04 seconds.

The first was just a massive slew of text and I didn’t feel like reading it. The other wasn’t responsive (it didn’t resize properly on my mobile device and was super tiny text) so I couldn’t read it. So I didn’t try. My eyesight is already bad enough, no need to stress these baby blues out any further.

It may seem petty to dismiss a church email so quickly, especially when I really do want to know what’s happening. I mean, I signed up for the list, isn’t that enough? Doesn’t that mean that I wanted this information?

Nope. What I really want to know isn’t info about events and promotions. I want to know what your recipients want to know:

What value is this email content going to add to my life right now?

Our world is increasingly noisy, so if you want recipients to open and read your email, you’ll have to write in a way that sticks out in the inbox. Sound impossible? It’s not as hard as you think.

Download my free checklist below. This free tool outlines best practices when writing all-church emails that can help your open rates, click through rates, and responses go up (right now my open rate is around 45%, which is double the industry standard).

Hit the button below and start writing great church emails that get opened!

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