I started ministry at the age of 19 in a small east Texas town, surprisingly deprived of cattle ownership. I grew up in the church and believed God was calling me to some kind of vocational ministry. I found myself playing bass guitar with another guy at a local youth group along with a 1987 Casio drum machine. Remember those? I think they sell them at toy stores now. To children.

That was over 17 years ago and God has taken me, my wife Kara, my daughter Kya, my son Rylan, and my Chuck Taylor’s to Baptist churches, semi-charismatic churches, Bible churches, tiny churches and mega churches. We’ve moved all the way from east Texas to Colorado to DFW.

On this page I want to pass on what I have learned along the way to those of you who are just starting out or are finding ministry more of a struggle than you thought it would be.

I want to help you make confident decisions with clear purpose.

Ministry is extremely rewarding, but it is also very HARD. Seminary does not prepare you for everything that will be expected of you. Take it from a guy who has a master’s degree from the seminary of hard knocks. I wish there had been a blog to tell me how to dismiss a volunteer, or plan the logistics of a retreat, or how to lead my boss, or even how to speak with respect to the elderly. But there wasn’t. I’ve got stories to prove it!

So sign up for my email list and I’ll send you content that you will care about. Every week I will let you know about new content on the blog. I will also keep you informed about any other resources I offer to help you make confident decisions with clear purpose.

God has called you His own and no weapon formed against you will prevail, so let’s get to work!

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