Solving the Instagram One Link in Bio Problem

Social media is awesome.

But each platform has something weird about it that really doesn’t make sense.

Take the fact that you can’t edit tweets in 2019. Twitter is the ONLY platform that can’t be edited once you’ve posted something out there. You have to delete and start all over. Because, accountability? That can’t be right.

Instagram is no different. They reeeeeeaaaaally don’t want you to put links to external stuff on Instagram. You can have ONE link in your bio, ZERO links in your feed posts, and ONLY links to IGTV (and who’s using that?) in your stories.

But we’ve seen influencers who are able to post a link in a story for you to “swipe up for more.” But that’s just for the elite with 10k followers and who have naked pictures of someone at Instagram.

But I have found a little workaround for the one link in your bio that either costs nothing or just a little that you may want to try out. Otherwise, you’ll have to go into full stalker mode to get some dirt on an Instagram executive. is what I may start paying for is my new find that looks awesome and I may switch to it. They have a unique .99 per month plan that gives you a few extras that the free plans for all the others do not like a unique custom url and some link tracking. The interface for this one just looks super clean, too. is the best free option is what I use now and it’s honestly a great free option. The only thing is the link buttons take up a lot of space on your landing page for your one link and they all look the same unless you attach a picture you post to it. Good link tracking in the free version though. Hands down the best free one. has great features but is pricey. is a nice one but limited. The free version offers only basic linking and little customization for branding. The next level up is $6 per month and basically gives you everything. It’s a good, middle-of-the-road if you’re going to pay anyway. The pro tier has pretty much what you need, however it offers some cool integrations like setting up your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

Later’s is great, but…

Later has their own called but it’s only on their business plan, which is about $19 a month. However, for church, I’m about to switch to Later for Instagram and FB scheduling exclusively, so this is what our church will end up going to because it’s available. The cool thing about this one is that it allows you to link multiple specific links to specific posts. Not sure how they do that, but it sounds like a dream come true for Instagrammers everywhere!

There are probably loads more options out there for solving Instagram’s one link in the bio problem, so feel free to let us know what they are in the comments. Thanks for reading!


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  • Dale Chamberlain

    Great post! I used to use the free version of, and it worked okay for me, though sometimes it got a little glitchy.

    What I ended up doing was creating a specific landing page on my website, so that when people click the link in my bio, I have the various links to the pages on the site I’m pointing them to (pretty much my own version of one of these services). I labeled it a “welcome” page.

    I found that it gave me a little more control, and I could make it look like everything else on my website. For anyone who has the ability to do it, I would definitely recommend!

    • Seth Muse

      That’s a really great solution too. I’ve seen others do something like that and then you have full control. Great addition and thanks for reading/contributing!

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