Do you know the one place you can go to get inspiration about virtually anything?

I’m not talking about doing a Star Wars marathon this weekend, either. (Although, I’m on Episode III right now on my chronological quest through them all, fyi…)


How many of you have a Pinterest account? Just the other day, I realized that a huge portion of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest. Oh, and it’s a pin I didn’t even make!

But there’s a lot of great uses for Pinterest for your church. Around Easter, you can make a board with great ideas for sweets and Easter baskets or creative ways to teach the resurrection to your kids. There’s also a lot of blogs about the pagan origins of some of our favorite Easter traditions! Yay, truth!

Sharing these types of ideas with your people can be a great way to connect with them and create an atmosphere of your church helping your people.

Dive down the Pinterest rabbit hole…

Here’s everything I have that might be of interested to a church communicator, pastor, or creative:

Mailer Inspiration

Bulletin Inspiration

Church First Impressions

Church Signage Inspiration

Church Stage Design

Church Announcements

Church Acoustic Tiling Ideas

It’s not just for girls, either! Even though women dominate the Pinterest space, guys, there’s a ton here for us too. Lots of marketing and creative boards that deal with our passions too.

Enjoy, just don’t be surprised when you look up and realize you’ve been surfing through Pinterest for an hour and forgot to pick up your kids from school or something.


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