I have two choices on my commute to work: redeem the time and feed my mind by listening to a podcast or damage my witness to the others who clearly have not learned to operate a motor vehicle.

Lately, I’ve had a pretty tight rotation of podcasts on church communications, so I will share that short list with you below. There are others I love too that aren’t on the list, but these are the ones I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of months.

Some of what you will read is true of the podcast, some of it is not. You decide.

Let’s Get Practical Podcast w/ Darrel Girardier

Listen HERE.

Darrel is no slouch, he only sits that way sometimes. He’s been doing the church communications thing in the trenches for a little while know and is exactly what his new title suggests: practical. Darrel also likes to sing his own intro song called “Mighty Thor, I Challenge Thee” and has a problem spelling his own last name.

The Science of Social Media Podcast by Buffer

Listen HERE.

Buffer is a third party social media scheduler but they have understood that podcasting to help their users understand social media only creates more love for the company. They do hard research and dig in deep to algorithms, strategies, and data without making you feel like a huge dork nerd. They may send subscribers action figures of the hosts. Not sure why Hailey has a jetpack and Bryan has a sword, though.

Bold Moves Podcast w/Jeremiah Bartlett

Listen HERE.

This show is about creative boldness. Jeremiah is a thoughtful host that will ask questions of his guests that you want to know the answers to. This show is fairly new and has already had some great guests. The episode with the ghost of C.S. Lewis was interesting, but a little creepy though.

Communicate Church: A Fishhook Podcast

Listen HERE.

Fishhook has been in the church marketing and communications game for a while and are one of the most trustworthy sources for doing what we do out there. Evan McBroom recently came on the show to talk a little about their team dynamic, which is really interesting. Especially when he told me about the Weekly Battle Royal to the Death they have in the office. Tough working environment, but they produce the goods, so who am I to judge?

The Instagram Stories with Daniel Hill

Listen HERE.

There are only a few podcasts out there about Instagram and this isn’t one of them. Ok, just kidding, it’s really a great source of info about how to use Instagram. His content will really help you understand content marketing and creation as well as how to grow a following of engaged, real people. Not robot people. Robot people are cool and all with the lasers from their fingers but not that great for a laugh.

Solving Problems w/Jonathan Carone and Kyler Nixon

Listen HERE.

Solving problems is another really practical podcast all about solving problems. But you really saw that coming. They are great with design, websites, storytelling, and copywriting. So if you’ve got a problem with any of those things, yo, they’ll solve it. Let’s check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.

Social Media Marketing w/ Michael Stelzner

Listen HERE.

Michael is the guru behind Social Media Examiner and this podcast is more than you’ll ever want to know about how to connect with an audience and motivate them to take action. Please don’t abuse the powers you receive from listening to this show. Use them for good.

Those are the new podcasts I’m really crushing on here as of late. I’m sure you’ve got some good ones too. Let me know what they are in the comments!

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