Answering Objections to Christianity w/ Dr. Justin Bass

The Seminary of Hard Knocks exists to help ministry leaders make confident decisions with clear purpose!

Justin W. Bass has a Ph.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary in New Testament Studies. He has received a Masters of Theology from DTS and a Business degree in Entrepreneurship from Southern Methodist University.
Dr. Bass is currently the Lead Pastor of 1042 Church in Frisco and a Professor at Dallas Christian College and Dallas Theological Seminary. He has formally debated Dan Barker, Dr. Richard Carrier, and Dr. Bart Ehrman.

Justin helps us answer objections to Christianity in this episode of the podcast!

In This Episode:

  • Coaching for answering tough questions about Jesus
  • Answers for objections about the reliability of Scripture
  • Answers for objections to the meaning of Scripture
  • Answers to objections about the resurrection of Jesus


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