01: Four Fatal Risks of a "Safe" Ministry

by Seth Muse & Meagan Ranson | The Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast

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In our ministries, we could be missing out on so much because we are not willing to take calculated risks. We are so afraid of the pain or embarrassment that may come if we fail, that we often forget about the huge payoff if we don’t fail.

What if God actually comes through and makes good on that promise to protect us from the bearded chins of martial artists? Would we be surprised? What does that say about our faith? Find out in this episode of The Seminary of Hard Knocks!

In This Episode:

  • Lots of Chuck Norris jokes
  • The difference between a “safe” ministry and a “Gospel Risk” ministry
  • In a “safe” ministry there will be no progress
  • In a “safe” ministry there will be no enthusiasm
  • In a “safe” ministry there will be no mobilization
  • In a “safe” ministry there will be a failure to recognize the sovereignty of God


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