Dear Church Communicators,

I know you may not hear this very often, but you’re great.

What you do is great and super valuable to the church. Whether anyone has told you that recently (or ever), you need to know that God has placed you in that exact spot for a purpose.

You might look around and see a more-than-messy desk that you’d sometimes like to crawl under and either cry or sleep, but that mess is yours to wield for the Gospel in ways that no one else can!

You work long hours, often when you’re home or with your kids because social media never sleeps. You think about print layout and often wake up with a start after dreaming about someone trying to sneak a flyer by you that uses comic sans as if that isn’t the behavior of a psychopath.

It’s ok. That’s just a dream.

But you have what it takes. You are good enough. You are valuable and I see you.

I see you struggling with processes. I see you struggling to gain respect.

And if you’re a woman, sometimes that’s double-struggle. 

But guess what? We serve a God who isn’t surprised by your co-worker’s lack of respect or disregard for the system. He also isn’t surprised when you fail and have to own your mistakes with your peers or your boss.

You need to know that He loves you right where you are today and so do I. What we do isn’t always glamorous or recognized, but He sees you.

He’s cheering for you. Because you’re His.

And you’re doing His work.

And that’s enough.

Because He’s enough.

And so are you.

So be yourself. You’ve got this.

Now go get’em.

– Seth

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