Take Back Your Time with this Daily Schedule Template

If you could add one thing to your daily schedule that could make room for 10 things, would you do it?

During the week, a ministry leader will be pelted with one random pop-up fire after another. These things are usually important, so you can’t just ignore them, but you also can’t let them rule your day. So the tyranny of the urgent wins again? Not anymore.

It may sound too simple, but after the effect it had on my ministry, I have to tell you what gave me the freedom to do my work with less stress and more enthusiasm.

It’s a daily schedule. Wait…what?

Yeah, the one thing that can make your daily schedule more effective…is an actual daily schedule! Oh, ironic world!

Someone told me to do this once, and I thought it was stupid, but I did it anyway. I think I was trying to prove them wrong.

I created a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel of what each day would look like. When did I arrive and leave? When did I visit schools? When did I study? When was I available for office appointments?

Once I put all of that down on paper, I printed it off and hung it right over my computer desk so I could see it. It was ugly. I didn’t even color-code it. That came later in version 2.0.

Not to worry! I’ve jumped ahead to version 3.0 and created a template for you to download absolutely free! But before you download it, let me tell you what a daily schedule actually did for me and what it can do for you.

A Daily Schedule Can Help Manage Inside Distractions

I knew what was coming next, so it put a good pressure on me to work on projects until they were finished. Even with everything else going on, I was still my own worst distraction.

A Daily Schedule Can Help Manage Outside Distractions

Every day someone drops by or an impromptu meeting happens. If you know that you only do meetings on Thursdays, you can say “Sorry, can we set up a time to talk on Thursday?” when appropriate.

A Daily Schedule Can Give You Focus When You Need It

Knowing when the next item on your schedule happens will relieve stress and allow you to focus on the task at hand, instead of trying to remember everything you are supposed to do that day. “I don’t have to worry about that now, I can worry about that tomorrow from 2-3,” etc.

A Daily Schedule Can Improve Communication

If your team has your schedule, then they can communicate your whereabouts to the elder who just dropped by, or they will know that you are in study time and not to disturb you. It will also help staff to know when they should approach you about new projects, ask for help, or set up meetings with you.

A Daily Schedule Can Get You Home For Dinner

Some of you may make it home for dinner already and that’s great! However, for those who don’t, here is your ticket to that chicken fried steak! Seeing your week laid out in its entirety will help you make better decisions in the here and now.

Scheduling your day may feel restrictive at first, but in the end, I think you will find that a daily schedule actually provides more freedom to work during your week.

I’ve taken the first step for you by creating three different templates to start from. You can customize your own schedule by downloading my free Daily Schedule Template right now!

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