What churches are worth following on Instagram?

There are several churches who are stepping up their Instagram game to reach a whole new demographic. I think this is really smart. 

If you are looking for inspiration to redouble your church’s Instagram efforts, these 9 accounts are worth looking at. They aren’t your regulars like Vous Church or Elevation Church, but there are some really incredible accounts here.

free instagram course, church marketing university, seth museSome have a really great aesthetic for their feed. Some are just really great with stories. Some just get storytelling through visuals and some have incredible photography. They all have something interesting to bring to the table for you to gain inspiration from. 

James River in Springfield, MO


Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, AL


People Church in Chicago, IL


Gwinnett Church in Gwinnett, GA


Milestone Church in Keller, TX


Trademark Church in Fort Worth, TX


McLean Bible Church in Washington, DC


And now for something completely different

The next two are really interesting. Both are heavy on the online community side and are doing something unique with their church and I wanted you to see it. Churchome is a community of believers connected through an app with the same name. Instachurch Live is a church service that happens on Instagram only, usually with live videos and stories.



Instachurch Live


Which churches do you follow on Instagram? I’d love to know which churches out there are really killing it on Instagram. Thanks for reading! – SM

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