Every church social media manager has the same problem:

We have to post great content every day. Without a real plan or schedule, this task can really wear you out.

I hope every church social media manager will make a plan, create a schedule, and cast a vision for each platform, but let’s be serious, things don’t always turn out like we’d hoped. You get busy. Things pop up. Priorities shift and often you have no control over it.

It’s in those moments you know you just need to post something and you can’t spend a lot of time crafting it like artisanal firewood. That’s why I’ve spent the time to create this resource for you. These are all ideas for different social media platforms that I’ve posted somewhere before that have worked for my church.

These aren’t necessarily copy-and-paste ideas, but they are ideas to get you started. The intention is for you to take the idea and craft it to your audience quickly. I’ll do the front end work for you and you just tweak it a little and you’re set!

I wanted to give you the first 12 ideas I had.

1. Scripture graphics with photos. Try to make these coordinate with your sermons for the week.

2. Graphics that ask “How can we pray for you?”

3. Events. Glorious Events! Make sure you add an action step like “click here for info” that leads to a landing page if you can though.

4. What is your favorite worship song? (Then make a Spotify list from the suggestions and share it)

5. Links to select Spotify lists of your worship rotation, songs for baptism, home worship, etc.

6. Song lyrics laid over a screenshot from the previous service or as a preview of songs coming up

7. Sunday setlist. Just post a nice photo with your song titles. See #sundaysetlist on Twitter or Instagram.

8. Volunteer highlight with a story about how they are serving your mission.

9. A story about a saved marriage. Contact someone you know and ask them if you can share their story. Ask them to email you 100 words about it and after editing it, use the story as the caption.

10. A live video of your pastor during the week to “just say hi” and pray for everyone.

11. A live video tour of your campus.

12. Stop scrolling! Post a photo of your view right now and tell us where you are!


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