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Helping you grow your digital influence bit by bit.


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Your audience is overwhelmed.

The average person today is hit with over 10k marketing messages per day. Cut through the noise to create an experience with your brand customers enjoy and will want to share with others.

Our Specialties: The 8-Bits of Communication


Give your projects the best chance to succeed.

Social Media

Create a culture around your company that inspires.


Manage projects to get more done on time.

Web Design

Set up an inviting digital front door to your organization.

Branding & Design

Stand out and be recognized beyond your logo.

Email Marketing

Reach your audience where they most often connect.


Leverage influence to accomplish more together.


Create content that connects your voice to your audience.

Create Raving Fans of your Brand

We don’t make empty promises meant to impress or mislead you. We just want your customers to love your company like a best friend. Let’s humanize your brand and create raving fans!

Meet Seth Muse

Seth is a thought-leader in the church and non-profit communications space, which is why his approach to marketing and branding is so people-oriented.

For almost 20 years, he was worked to motivate crowds of people to take actions that improve their lives and the lives of others. Now, he wants to do the same for you.

A Company You Can Trust 

At 8-Bit Communications, our goal is to represent you to your audience in the most authentic way. We find what makes you unique and resonates with your followers and put it front and center.


We offer a package of products that fits any size company or budget.

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