131: Mental Health & the Effect Social Media is Having on us

by Seth Muse & Meagan Ranson

THE SEMINARY OF HARD KNOCKS PODCAST with Seth Muse and Meagan Ranson
Church Communications | Marketing | Social Media

There’s a good reason for why we are all at each other’s throats, depression is on the rise, suicide rates are up, and we are generally angry all the time. It’s not just because it’s an election year or because of quarantine, though those things have made it worse. What if I told you that social media has contributed to poor mental health in ways you couldn’t imagine? We’re discussing mental health and the effect social media has had and looking at the recent documentary The Social Dilemma on this episode of the podcast.

In this Episode:

  • What social media algorithms contribute to our bias and health.
  • How the Church has been affected by political divisiveness due to social media.
  • Ways to keep yourself mentally and emotionally healthy through difficult times such as pandemics or elections.


Working in Social Media: 7 tips to Protect your Mental Health from Later

Get help from a counselor with Better Help

Doomscrolling and our Mental Health by Seth Muse

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