12 Great Photographers to Follow on Instagram

Tis the season for lots and lots of photos.

When I was running a team of photography volunteers, something clicked for me. I learned that since photographers are incredibly visual in how they interpret the world (which is what makes them good at photography), then the best way to get them to understand what I needed from them was to show them examples.

When I sent inspiration examples of the types of photos I needed for worship, for small groups, for crowds, for events, etc, the quality of photos drastically improved. Sometimes you’ll be blessed with a photographer that just “gets it” and knows exactly what to shoot, but many times you’ll be working with newbies who just need a little direction.

Go follow these photographers

You can always search big church websites and use the photos there as inspiration, but having your photographers follow these people on Instagram is a great way to keep the good ideas coming! Some of them are church photographers, some lifestyle, some artsy-fartsy. But whatever their style, there’s something every photographer can learn from each of them. 

Rob Laughter at The Summit Church – @roblaughter

Rob runs Church Photography Cohort and loves taking photos of live music and productions. He usually follows Folk/Bluegrass musicians around and his photos have that sort of flavor which is a down-home, friendly feel.

Kara Muse – @karamuse

My wife is an incredible photographer who specializes in lifestyle and family photos. There’s always a feeling of peace and happiness in every photo she captures, just like her real-life effect on everyone around her. 

Dave Adamson at Northpoint Ministries @aussiedave

Dave’s photo style is very edgy and he loves capturing raw moments with people and places. His modern, kinda gritty style is perfect for the sorts of unedited stories he likes to tell about Jesus changing people’s lives.

Jeremy Cowart @jeremycowart 

Jeremy is easily the most famous photographer on this list, having done work for major players in both the music and fashion industry. His cover for Lauren Daigle’s album “Look Up Child” is one such photo that she used everywhere to promote the album. His use of color is astounding as he captures people in their most beautiful moments. 

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Phillip Slaughter- @pslaughter34

Phillip is a family friend who got his start working for the medical field as a marketing and media professional. His favorite subjects are his beautiful family and his style is best described as “outdoorsey.” The guy is just amazing and deserves your follow.

Jeremy Poland- @jerchannel

If you need senior photos, Jeremy is your man. He focuses on portrait and lifestyle photography in Colorado, so he’s always got a great backdrop. Jeremy is always finding ways to help other photographers find their style and he’s a super fun guy. 

Amber Smith at Elevation Church – @Blueamberphoto

Amber is the eye behind the worship experience at Elevation Church. She excels at capturing intensity in worship with tons of light/dark contrasts. If you’re looking for inspiration for your worship team photos, she’s got a lot to offer. 

Robby Doland at Life.Church – @robbydoland

Robby’s style looks very clean and modern and his Insta has lots of wedding examples. He leads the team at Life.Church and has many resources through its Open Network to help photographers hone their craft. 

Mrs. Liz Castro at Vous Church Photo Blog 

Ok, so this is not an Instagram handle, but this particular blog post from LIz, a regular photographer at Vous Church, gives several examples of great shots for the church space. These are the kinds of shots you need for your website and social media to just have lying around and ready to go.

Suggestions from Rob Laughter, host of the Church Photographers Podcast

Rob runs Church Photographers and I asked him to send me names of a few great photographers for this list. Check out his podcast for more about church photography.

Kaleb East – @kalebeastphoto

Some nature, some church, Kaleb has a very artistic eye for photography. In particular, his attention to the use of space (not outer, just depth of field and stuff) in his photos is refreshing.

Alin Dragu at 12 stone church – @alindragu

Alin really knows how to create an aligned aesthetic. His feed goes through periods of tone that is pleasing to scroll through. He’s a photographer at 12 Stone Church and his eye for still life is really impressive.

Jim Morton at Liquid Church – @jmjrphoto

Jim is a photographer at Liquid Church in New Jersey. He’s great at capturing action in every snap. There’s always something going on in his photos and it makes you want to see what happens next.

Who else should be on this list? Share it with us in the comments

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