Creating an Impressive First Impressions Plan

Since Christmas is coming and guests are going to flood into churches like crazy, it would be a good idea to make sure your first impressions plan is up to date. I mean, you don’t want to have to [...]

Live-ish from That Church Conference with Friends! Ep. 38

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The Signs of Burnout and How to Avoid It w/ Meghan Howard

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6 Apps to Help You Rock Your Church Instagram

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Dear Church Communicators…

Dear Church Communicators, I know you may not hear this very often, but you’re great. What you do is great and super valuable to the church. Whether anyone has told you that recently (or ever), [...]


Yeah, If Churches Would Stop Doing These 4 Things That’d Be Great…

I used to work about 6 feet away from a guy who cleared his throat as loud as he could every 2 minutes after lunch. “Ok, let’s get this graphic made (uhhhruuggghh) and drop in this great quote [...]


How to Debrief a Big Event

It’s summertime and you all know what that means…time to unload your church’s clip of events on your community! Wooohooo! Vacation Bible School! Camp! Mission Trip! Choir Camp! More Mission [...]


Before You Kill Your Church Bulletin…

Every day I hear another church communicator spewing out murderous threats against their church bulletin. One says “they’re obsolete! Why keep it? Let’s kill it.” Yet others say “We need ours, [...]


10 Ways Your Church Tells Visitors to Scram

Church communicators and pastors work really hard to make sure that the right message of hope found in the Gospel are reaching people where they are. But for all of our hard work, there are [...]


Email Automations Any Church Can Use

I have always liked robots. I was a huge Transformers fan back in the 80’s and loved the idea of robots defending us from space villains. I also loved the idea of having a robo-butler to make my [...]

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