Welcome to The Seminary of Hard Knocks Podcast!

This podcast is where ministry leaders can come to learn leadership concepts that may not have been covered in the traditional seminary. Whether you need help planning a mission trip, running a staff meeting, or just understanding how to answer prayer requests about the volume of the band, pastors and ministry leaders can find help all under one roof!

New episodes release every other Wednesday of the month!

Using my scars, screw ups, and successes, I want to help you navigate ministry life with fewer bruises!

Church Announcements Done Right w/ Adam McLaughlin

Church Announcements Done Right w/ Adam McLaughlin Get 88 Ideas for Church Social Media Posts now! Adam is the Communications Director at Life Church in Ft. Meyers, FL. He has had a lot of success at his church with both live announcements and video announcements, and...

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The Art of Digital Listening w/ Kevin Fontenot

The Art of Digital Listening with Kevin Fontenot If you want to deliver compelling messages to your followers, you will need to do a little research at first. You'll have to practice the art of listening online to see what your people care about and struggle with...

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Harnessing the Power of Instagram for your Church

The most powerful tool in a church communicator's tool belt these days is the little app that could, Instagram. Sure, they stole the best features from Snapchat and assimilated them, but we got a really powerful app out of it with an audience that already existed! (if...

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How to Get Hired in Church Communications w/ Holly Tate

How to Get Hired in Church Communications with Holly Tate of Vanderbloemen Search Group Holly is the Director of Business Development at Vanderbloemen, a pastor search firm that knows what churches are looking for when it comes to hiring staff. She shares a lot of...

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The Power of Networking w/ Jeanette Yates

The Power of Networking with Jeanette Yates Jeanette is the Communications Director at Southside United Methodist in Florida and has become a pro in a very short time. How? Because she networks like a boss! Find out her secrets in another exciting episode of The...

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