Excellence in Your Absence: Guest Leader Checklist

Being on staff at a church often feels like it is a 24/7/365 gig. We do get two whole Sunday’s off per year, though. I guess the personnel committee wants to make sure we don’t feel spoiled by our salaries….

But on those rare occasions that you do need to be absent, you will want to make sure that you set your replacement up for success. I’ve put together a checklist to help you ensure that your guest leader has everything that they need to succeed and that when you get back from a much-needed vacay, there’s no damage control necessary.

Set your guest leader up for excellence in your absence with three phases: Preparation, Execution, and Debrief.

Prepare them for success, help them execute with the standards your people are used to, and then debrief them so that the next time you need a fill in, you’ve got someone who knows your expectations a little better than a new person.

Download my checklist for step by step instructions for setting up your guest leader for excellence in your absence below!

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