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I wasn’t ready.

My daughter was 8 and she had just point-blank asked me if Santa Claus was real. I wasn’t ready to answer her. So, I basically told her that old fairy tale that believing in him makes him real and she bought it, which I’m sure will screw up her theology somewhere down the road.

When guests enter our churches at this time of year, we hustle to get ready to make them feel welcomed, loved, cared for, and connected. But then something happens that we are often not ready for…the week after the visit.

Following up with guests is a tough business, so it’s easy to miss opportunities to talk with guests after the weekend of Christmas is over. But I’ve got a solution for you!

Create an Email Welcome Automation

Create an Email Welcome Automation in Mailchimp or whatever email client you use for mass emails. I mention MailChimp because it’s what I use and automations are available to every plan.

These emails are triggered when someone joins your list for the first time (not when someone disagrees with them) and can be an awesome way to introduce your guests to your church. A welcome automation may also help them connect deeper with your church much sooner than before!

There’s an easy template you can follow over the next week (or as often as you’d like to send them) that will help inform new prospects all about your church. So, here’s what I’m giving you:

Email 1: Welcome from the pastor/New Members class or equivalent
Email 2: Connect Online
Email 3: Adult Ministry
Email 4: Next Generation Ministry
Email 5: Thank you

I’m actually going to give you pre-written email templates that follow this format. I’ve entered a lot of info that’s specific to my church, but you can copy and paste these to a new document and edit to fit your context.

I even give you a clever subject line that will help you get a better open rate as well as pre-text to help peak more interest.

This free resource is my Christmas gift to you!

Click the button and follow-up with guests like a communications boss!

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