Building Trust With Guests w/ Adam McLaughlin

Adam McLaughlin is the Director of Communications at Life Church in Ft. Meyers, Florida. Adam understands the need for churches to make a great first impression.

These precious first few minutes can begin to develop trust between a first time guest and your church. It could also begin to hurt the chances of them returning. I have a blast talking to Adam and you’ll get a lot of great, practical tips out of this conversation.

In This Episode:

  • Why we shouldn’t fear the word “marketing”
  • Adam’s unique perspective on the concepts of branding, marketing, and advertisement
  • How fast a guest begins to make a decision on your church
  • Several touch-points that communicate values and branding to guests
  • How to implement a church-wide vision for a departmental ministry like youth or children.
  • New segment called “Five on the Spot,” where Seth asks our guest five rapid-fire and random questions.
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